Hitting Nimbus

Life brings various changes, phases and experiences of which some are good and some bad. Such is life. Among all these, there is a phase in life, so special; I believe everyone should be given a chance to experience it; even if it is once in a lifetime. I am talking about that time when  you meet someone who makes you feel like your heart has been set ablaze – literally! When you meet someone and just the thought of him/her gives you a kick. Being with this person brings immense joy; even contentment and fulfillment.


Your heart flutters and is pregnant with thoughts about possibilities. On a higher  manifestation of this phase:)some Adams and Eves have reported all the above plus Goosebumps ……OK: maybe I should say some Eves.During this stage, you inform your friends, colleagues and basically anybody who cares to listen about your significant other. You feel as though both of you are one unstoppable force – you can take on the challenge that is life and come out strong.

You feel like you are in the clouds, everything seems so surreal. This is the way it is supposed to feel; and everybody should have a chance to experience it. They call it being on cloud nine. Here on Project 44 we call it ‘hitting nimbus ’. Nimbus in nephrology (the study of clouds) is the type cloud which hits the ground as precipitate in rain, hail or   snow 🙂 Nimbus brings new things, new beginnings, new realization, a new awakening.

The ‘nimbus stage’ is the stage in relationships where people dream; they day dream a lot, they dream together, they can’t get enough of each other. You receive a text message from him/her and it occurs to you that it was just about the time you were also about to text them. You give them a call and they tell you that they were also in the process of calling you- life is beautiful; – true ‘nimbus’ fashion.

Much as the ‘nimbus’ stage, feels great, sometimes it makes one seem as though the brain is functioning on half power (but your main body organ (the heart!) is in full gear); this is the stage where if for example Eve calls Adam to say she is stuck in some place and it is raining heavily, Adam might decide to go pick her up – a journey that could be more than one hour factoring in traffic jam time. Then half way through the journey, Adam realizes that is not realistic; he then requests Eve to just buy an umbrella or something more logical like getting into Java and having coffee till the rain subsides. But again this is ‘nimbus’ – you are allowed not to reason everything out at this stage.

The thing with ‘nimbus phase’ is that it does not last long. Just like the rain and snow that it brings, it soon comes to an end, giving rise to another season. The season where you leave the clouds and get back to the ground where we all live in the reality of life. This is not all together bad, it is normal; can you imagine being in ‘nimbus’ all through? – that would require loads of resources and  enormous amount of energy:). One does not notice it, but it generally believed that no one can ‘hack nimbus’ throughout. I guess that is why we have different seasons: of rain, heat and cold etc- variety.

Now, when nimbus comes to an end, and you are back to normal gauge, no longer on the overdrive, your brain gains back its full functioning power and you  begin to see the other person in a new light – a more realistic light. To your shock or even horror, you might discover some things, minor or major that you do not like or stuff that gets to your nerves a little bit. (Well, it is not a discovery because it was always there only that you never saw it).  The ‘clouds’ had clouded your thinking. Then you remember they (the world that you left when you ‘hit nimbus’) told you that “no one is perfect” and this sobers you up a little bit.

So worry not that she laughs loudly for laughter is the medicine of the soul. He burps very loudly after he eats his food, so what? It is an appreciation that he enjoyed the meal ;). Such is life, embrace it; live it and be happy you ‘hit nimbus’ and buckle up for the next phases of the relationship (smile)

By Fridah.


16 thoughts on “Hitting Nimbus

  1. I love the line about the main body organ :)…….I think one should savour the nimbus stage, let it take you wherever it inspires you to go, to be poetic, to day dream, to be affectionate…..when you go through the other stages, (which aren’t necessarily bad), you can look back and be inspired by the nimbus stage.

  2. I want to be in ‘nimbus’…….Nimbus is amazing…..would be nice if we just stagnated at nimbus without the drama that inevitably follows …but like you say,it is life.

  3. You know, you just discovered limerance. It’s some heady mix of portent hormones that messes us up making us believe that romantic love is the end and be all of relationships. Drudgery comes up when love start claiming it unpaid bills:; kids, expanding waistlines, rent, food, parentage and whatnots. That’s when we start the BIG BARGAIN with life: “I didn’t sign in for this!” we say. After reading your post, cant’ say I am not warned

    • he he yes you are warned Kidikibudi,next times those hormones come flooding in,better have a way to ensure they do not reign but enjoy ‘Nimbus’ all the same !

  4. Weel nice article. But I relate the nimbus clouds with heavy rains pounding. So I had figured it would mean those seasons when, let us just say ‘ when it rains, it pours’ and you ask yourself… how you got here…why did you not listen to your ex girl/boy friend that this one was not good enough for you…;-).. Anyway, the thing I have realised about life is that it is full of seasons and the times keep recurring. What we as mortals need to do is to enjoy where we are at as nothing is permanent.

    • Bwenyenye,you have made me laugh- ‘rain pounding’ and i think i did not it completely but i sure hope that the ‘pounding’ is positive 🙂 and that when the seasons recur,they bring good tidings !

  5. “The ‘clouds’ had clouded your thinking.” That was pretty good. I see you have been busy… Now I feel challenged 🙂 Keep it up!

  6. See nimbus is a very short lived phase in a relationship but when it ends the sun always comes up. Esp in Africa!

    If you do not hold on in the rainstorm you will loose grip of the roots of your relationship with the storm will wash the two of you down stream.

    • Nimbus is short lived indeed! “If you do not hold on in the rainstorm you will loose grip of the roots of your relationship with the storm will wash the two of you down stream” – Or you might just hit nimbus and not progress to the “roots” part of a relationship?
      On a different post on the blog,one blogger talked about the ‘fundamentals’ of a relationship and it got me thinking………and you call them ‘roots’ more food for thought.

  7. When the nimbus stage fades out, Adams get the most shocked… Its been a week and a half since i realized that. And thanks for making it clear that a loud enough burp is but a compliment to the chef… : )

  8. i want to stay in nimbus forever 🙂 real life is too pissing…if u ask me!! After the clouds stop clouding your thinking you start thinking what the heck was all that about….i don’t want to go through that, so nimbus forever it is….:)

  9. Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable. – Joseph Addison

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