Project 44 is taking a short Easter break and will be back on 16 April 2012.

For the Christians among us, hope this song inspires you.

Have a nice one!

PS. Please take time to read our past posts and readers’ comments that you may have missed out on.


6 thoughts on “Easter

  1. The Peace. The quiet. I love this Easter.

    To the men and women who have dedicated their time, money and other difficult to find resources to put up this blog, May the Good Lord Bless the work of your hands and minds. Well done folks, for congratulations are indeed in order. I love you all.

    I am not much into relationships. As a matter of fact, none at all. Not the sane type anyway. Perhaps one fine day, I will give my story.

    In the meantime do have the Easter Vacation that you so desire. Well the remaining part anyway.

      • Hope you enjoyed Easter like i did…Christ is the reason for our being. P44, please encourage mahe goat to tell us about the insane relationships prefers. We may learn a thing too.

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