Project 44’s 1st Milestone

Today, the Project 44 blog is one year, one month and one day old. Now, we should have celebrated on the day we turned one year but we decided to be a little unconventional and go for an unusual timing for commemoration ;). And here we are. Whilst that one month was passing, we had an update on the Lord of Chivalry who had sent Fridah on an EXPERIENCE when they went on a first date – this experience raised many an expectation and hope for our Eve readers, with all proclaiming that “hope is alive and chivalry is not dead”! Talk about maintaining sanity! We also had Alex as a guest writer who helped Eves put aside niceties in order to declare a bollocks campaign on things perfectionist when it comes to Eves’ (…..and Adams’) looks and actions. This was in response to what would be called a battle of sexes which was propagated by Naomi’s post on a glimpse into Adam’s mind – Adams cast their swords aside and took to the online pen to jot their agreement with Naomi’s boys. The post was abuzz with comments! Speaking of battle, Tumbleweed elicited a heated discourse about the choice of whether to settle down or not – there was no fencing around with this one, there were opinions and opinions!

Back to the year that was, Project 44 has explored the art of restoring sanity in relationships.  We started off with The Bachelor, a glimpse into the modern day avenues of finding a significant other and how Eve’s best laid plans can sometimes make Adam sprint from site.  A lot was said about signs: there were the vital signs and the road signs that help us to look out for and determine the relationship is headed, whether to “stay on one horse or dismount and get on another horse”. In this age where there is a lot of talk about clocks ticking (or as one reader put it “Tick Frickin Tock”), it was only proper that we talked about Foreplay after 30 – and it is at this juncture where one reader put Joyce to task, asking her to carry on that belly in the fire; we are not sure if it has been seen since ;). Bin Ben Reloaded resounded the theme.

There was a general thread of looking at how we can better ourselves in order to be in more fulfilling relationships and not expecting things from our partners when we ourselves have yet to look in the mirror – Detox, Happiness Begins in You, the Eve/Adam in the Mirror among others were posts that reflected this. We even talked about how to kiss better – a post inspired by an almost blinding encounter in the great city of Nairobi – yes, kissing carries a lot of weight, even more than global warming!

We struck some sober tones as well when we broached topics such as ‘Zero Grazing’- in which tried to explore faithfulness in relationships but fell short of saying ‘be faithful’. Allow us to share an inside joke on 44 – it is always amusing for us to realize how many people bump into our site whilst looking for online material on zero grazing – yes, that real stuff involving cows and bulls! 😉 We talked about respect, trust and maturity – all sobering values that anchor relationships but are sometimes not given due regard.

you don’t mind if we do…;)

Believe it or not, we went all musical – The Moment and The Song inspired us get in tune in relationships and keep up the hope that even though sometimes we may find ourselves alone on stage singing out of sync or with people having little of expectations of us to seize the moment, all is not lost. The Moment brought out the preacher in Fridah and the ‘masses’ urged her to preach on, that the song needn’t turn into a dirge. In a lengthy topic 🙂 titled ‘Life is Beautiful’ (which we have picked up as one of our mantras), we talked about the beauty of life even when all seems to be doom and gloom in the love arena.

We would like to pay homage to our guest writers – you did us great! Newton, Brian, IAA, Kidikibudi (we’re waiting for that blog!), Victor, Cynthia,  George, Naomi, Otieno Hongo, Munene Gangi, Marylyne G, Sokayjulo (he of the real manhood) and Alex (she of the self professed dark side ;)). In the simplest but sincerest words, thank you!

Even as Project 44 turns 1 year, one month and one day, we are alive to the fact that we live in a world where cynicism triumphs over hope. A lot that is happening around us can easily make us believe that love/healthy relationships are a mirage after all.

In an era where the bad in relationships is amplified over the good, when almost everything seems to point to the direction that it is not possible to pursue happy fulfilling relationships based on mutual love, respect and nurture, Project 44 has in subtle ways set out to dispel the fear and exalt that which is good, respectful and fulfilling even though it was sometimes not written in black and white (we recommend, we do not prescribe :)).

Whether at work, family nucleus, or just friendships, life is centered on relationship, albeit with different kinds of dynamics depending on the relationship. Project 44 has focused on the woman-man relationship, not only to find humor and laugh at the folly of some of the stunts that people pull, but also hoping that through some discussion, we all learn something and make changes for the better.

It has been a good year. If you like to make a contribution to restoring sanity by being a guest writer or you would just like to have your say, you are most welcome (we’d like to put some names to those ghost readers ;)) – even when your opinion is divergent. Thank you for your patronage, encouragement, kind words and lessons.

Have a great week!

Project 44


24 thoughts on “Project 44’s 1st Milestone

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    • Nice one @ kidikibudi ! We like this advert.
      @ Wooliekondoo,@Rose and @Mackel9,we are honored to have you as regulars here.

  2. Happy birthday Project 44, indeed it is wonderful to read your relationship advice every Monday morning, helps me to analyze my own role in relationships past, present and hopefully future. Keep it up and I thank you for keeping me sane.

    • Many thanks @Makena. Glad to know you find the forum useful.We are all learning and have learnt a lot from the fans and guest writers as well. Let’s keep sane !

  3. I can say this now without looking like a groupie, the first three of the last four paragraphs are some of the best writing I’ve read all year. I know, its a strange thing to say, but there you have it.

    Congrats on the milestone, here’s to many more… Bravo!

  4. Cheers project 44! (Extending an arm to break glass- toast, that is.) I’m always moved by your pieces.Long live the platform!

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  6. how could i forget to say kudos to P44 for seeing the bright side of relationships!!! for the short time i have been here, i have enjoyed reading your blog as well as learnt soo many things. i remain your fan.

  7. Happy birthday the project!!! I know I have been missing in action but still love this spot and you girls.

    Your blog is a gem!

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