The Path We Deviated From

Somewhere along the way, most deviated from the path. Lost direction. Turned priorities upside down. Began paying attention to irrelevant statistics, appearances and wealth. We locked personality and character out. We flushed simplicity and character down the drain. It’s all gone now. We are without direction.

A guy who drives a Range Rover Sport, wears Hugo Boss suits and lives in a leafy suburb, can rest assured of a lady of his dreams and ‘marriage’. A lady with a pretty face , delicately rounded body- 34-24-36- is not short of suitors. Bachelors seeking high political and corporate offices are frowned upon. My point: As days go by we are slowly losing the point of marriage. Partner suitability is now based on wealth, appearances and other irrelevant factors hence the increasing divorce rates.

Marriage should know, no matter what a crappy day one had, when you get home and look into each others eyes, you have a reason to smile. Marriage should not imprison individual’s dreams and aspirations but rather it should lend an extra hand to achieve dreams. It should not involve sacrificing passions, ambitions and lifestyles. It should add to self care. Tighten the grip to what one holds dear.

Marriage should not be an end to adventure and exploration. It should create new experiences. New experiences and adventure. Procreation is not the sole purpose of marriage. It should be a plus. A cherry on the cake. Marriage should be an icing on the cake. The cake of companionship and partnership. It should not be settling down. It should be a continuation of the lives of individuals with a little more spice.

Marriage should not necessarily be a stage in life. It should not be a rite of passage. It should be an option. A choice. Without coercion. So should suitable partners. Marriage purpose is union of hearts not fusion of groins. It should not be based on status or appearances but on compatibility.

Marriage should not be a ‘life sentence’ curtailing freedom. It should instead be a measure of how strong two free souls can be. It should not be a one man’s show financially, it hinders development. It should be a team effort. Willing team effort. Individuals’ families should not dictate on marriage. Theirs is to watch from the sidelines. Spectators. Pasts should remain in the past. Only the present should determine the future.

Marriage should be sincera (sincere). With clear eyes and a clear heart. It should bring happiness, joy, life and strength. Unfortunately, it mostly brings unhappiness, insincerity, stress and death.

However, life always offers us chances. A chance to redeem ourselves. A chance to get back to the path we deviated from.

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By isincera – Guest Writer

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14 thoughts on “The Path We Deviated From

  1. Isincera great post,I love the factors,you nailed it.Its easy to draw from your article especially because you do not sound like an activist.You know the secret
    language,like snow flakes,it falls slowly and dwell on for awhile.Kudos I love it.

  2. @Munene, inkedbiker, Naomi, wanjoro, vivashoucy, joeytales and ihuoma, thanks for keeping it Project 44 and for sharing this with others. We are glad you enjoyed the read.

  3. Awesome article on marriage, giving simple and clear guidelines that we seem to have totally forgotten. Partnership and companionship. Could not have said it better.

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