Press Play and Decode

You’ve heard of the phrase read between the lines and frankly, you have probably spoken between the lines yourself!

Project 44 invites you to “Press Play and Decode”! In this game, a member writes a line that Adam or Eve usually says and the next person has to decode what it really means and then adds a line to be decoded by the next reader. Please remember to state whether it is an Adam and Eve line.

Project 44 will start the game off and we hope you enjoy.

Adam: That is an interesting dress/interesting hair style
What he really means: You  do not look good. Well, how is he supposed tell you that you seem like you worked too hard to look hot?

Adam: Let us talk about it later.

What he really means is…..


21 thoughts on “Press Play and Decode

  1. Adam: Let us talk about it later
    What he really means: Come back later after your voice pitch has come back to normal

    Eve or Adam: It is not you,it is me.
    What they really mean:

  2. Eve or Adam: It is not you,it is me.
    What they really mean: We are done. I no longer find you attractive, but I can’t say that because then I’ll feel guilty. Oh, by the way, good riddance.

    Eve: Nothing

  3. Eve: Nothing

    What she reallys means is Everything and you better be on your toes.

    Eve: We need to talk.

    • We need to talk :
      What she really means is that you ass is in serious trouble

      Eve: We will see

  4. I just can’t get used to how people beat around the bush. I scare my work associates sometimes because I’m direct and to-the-point, and they think I’m being aggressive or “yelling” at them when I’m just telling them what needs to be done. It’s baffling!

    In relationships, both working and romantic, people may think it is not a social norm to speak directly about what they want or need. In business or personal relationships, whether out of politeness or simple fear of speaking directly, speaking in code can negatively affect communication. Worse, it can keep you (or your partner) from ever getting what you really want.

    It can be difficult for geeky types, or people raised in an environment that teaches that directness is somehow impolite, to learn to say what they want instead of speaking in code. You’ve probably heard—or been a part of—something like the following conversation:

    “What would you like for Christmas?”

    “Oh, I’m sure I’d love anything you would give me. You know me so well. Whatever you get will be great.”

    Don’t let the sweetness fool you. This is code for, “You should know me well enough to read my mind, and I will feel hurt and pout if you don’t get it right.”

    Don’t. Do. This.

    I know it’s a hard habit to break. I hate it when people beat around the bush for an hour. A straight-talker like me wants to just shake them and yell, “Get to the point!”

    What’s the lesson here? Simple . . . stop speaking in code. It’s annoying.

    Get out of the habit. Practice saying things that make you uncomfortable. If you’re one of those “strong, silent types” in the bedroom, start by speaking more clearly outside the bedroom. If someone asks what you want, stop, formulate the most simple and straightforward response, and say it. If someone asks you what’s bothering you, don’t mumble, “Nothing.” Tell him/her. Nicely. It gets easier with practice.

    You can use that new straightforwardness in the boardroom or the bedroom. The point is, you can’t expect your partner, your boss or your friends to know what you want if you don’t tell them. Code was invented to keep people from understanding, so leave it to the programmers.

      • I like this advice by @ jakuok-to stop speaking in codes….just say what you really mean and we can focus our energy on other things that have nothing to do with decoding!!

    • what do you think
      simply means she really does want your honest opinion, your thoughts,one liners will disappoint…please don’t do the cliche “i think it’s nice”,”it’s ok”… on that note…
      Adam:- ‘that’s nice…’

      • I think it depends on the context.If it is in an argument, “what do you think” just means that she thinks you are a moron not to see her point of view.
        If it is in a casual chat and both are cool,yes it means she wants your thoughts on the matter at hand….

      • Oh dear ,lets be friends means he is done with you but he does not mind the occasional shag. It could also mean that he is looking elsewhere but he wants to see what the other side has to offer before he can drop you with a thud. Run baby run !

        Eve: Fine

  5. Eve: Fine

    What it really means…i am not fine! Infact, She is taking time to think of a way to punish your ass, hit you where it hurts most…think the country music song Lucille..’You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille, With four hungry children and a crop in the field.I’ve had some bad times,I’ve lived through some sad times,But this time the hurtin’ won’t heal.
    You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille”

    Suggestions: Eves, i would like to give you lots of communication tips, but trust me, that can’t be done on this forum. How about i hook you up with a site? Please check out ‘Rori Raye’…..i promise you won’t be disappointed.

    I’m an Eve by the way!

    Back to the game.

    Adam: You need to manage your expectations!

  6. lol… After listening to ‘Men are from Mars and Women from Venus’ plus the bedroom version ‘Men are from Mars and Women from Venus – In the Bedroom’, alot in me changed. I’m an Adam. Women actually think that they initiate sex alot of the times, because of the subtle hints they send; which men, more often than not, don’t decipher! And when the man verbalises his intention, he’s ‘punished’ as well for not accepting her previous (purpoted) attempts! What!

    Those two books need to be made set books in our schools. I’ll endevour to listen to them as often as I can. Clearly, I need them.

    Adam: You need to manage your expectations.
    He MIGHT mean that you need to think and express yourself, like a man does. He is not a mindreader, doesn’t have all the answers and doesn’t want more responsibilities than is absolutely necessary. That when you open your mouth to talk, things are taken at ‘face-value’, and men being who they are, will always see a problem and offer solutions… lol, much to the chagrin of women who just want an emphatic ear.

    Eve: Are you mad?

      • Eve is trying to decipher where you really at, she is not sure….. she might/ she might not care…

        Eve: huh- what did you say? (Ati Nini?)

  7. Lovely article – Being direct, eh? Are you looking to live in a world of perpetual conflict? This is a question to Adams – have you ever said to your Eve… don’t you think you are getting quite…..(enter anything you like here – since the consequences are all the same WW111)….Directness must be avoided and replaced by diplomatic language so that we can communicate in peace…..Code is poetry, as they say at WordPress.

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