Relationships are like….

From time to time, we tend to liken or equate relationships with things or experiences in life. Some are funny, some bitter, some sweet and some painful.

Relationships are like glass. Glass can be delicate and if not properly handled, it can easily break and shatter. Sometimes it’s better to leave the broken glass than try to pick up the pieces; someone might end up getting cut. However, sometimes tough experiences that we go through may shatter us like glass but we all know how tough that recycled glass is. Think Kitengela Glass; that stuff is colorful, not clear enough to look through, much like the scars that broken relationships may leave us with but more importantly, it looks like it can weather anything. They say what doesn’t kills us makes us stronger.

Relationships can be like mirrors. It is said that sometimes, who you choose to date is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Now, whilst some of us may not buy into that type of analysis, it is true that sometimes we have to look at ourselves in the mirror when getting into or are already in a relationship. A while back, we wrote about the Eve/Adam in the Mirror with the basic message that whilst it is good to set up standards we want our (potential) partner to meet, we also have to be able to carry qualities that would be embraced in a relationship and to be able to recognize happiness and contentment in our lives.  I think sometimes we get into relationships that we think we deserve because of past experiences that we may have had, and mostly not good ones. If those relationships are not good for us, then we have to look in the mirror and go out there and get what is good for us. Honey, nobody will go out there and do it for you.

I don’t do drugs but it is said that relationships can be like drugs. They can give you the best feeling in the whole wide world or they can seriously mess you up (or kill you). That much is true.

Being in a relationship or looking for one can sometimes feel like on a sailing adventure. Aye aye Captain! A relationship can be like being on a ship and from having watched the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Titanic (yes, I have a lot of sailing experience), a compass or similar device is needed to give direction. So whilst at the beginning you may want to be all care free without necessarily moving towards any particular direction, at some point, nature just has a way of nudging you to get a sense of direction and to know where you are headed. No one wants to be lost at sea; otherwise, you better have a solid plan when the storm hits. And unlike sailing where you can be on auto-pilot, you cannot put a relationship on an auto mode, you need to check and recheck to see if you are still on the proper coordinates; otherwise, you may end up on auto-disaster.

Relationships can be very much like banking. You put some in, you take some out but someone, ideally both of you in the relationship should be looking at how it’s all balancing out.

I am no expert in making investments but I know enough to have got my fingers burnt but also made some good returns. When many of us make inputs into investments, we gamble and expect that we shall make good returns. We all know that sometimes, that whilst investments we make in partnerships with other people can be quite profitable, they can also let us down terribly since we have to rely on other people’s inputs and when they don’t step up to the game, then it can lead to a lot of disappointment. Relationships require inputs from the two parties (if you are having inputs from many other people, you need to ask yourselves some questions about who is actually in the relationship) and sometimes, one party may be putting in more than the other. This is not to say that both parties should invest equal amounts of time, energy, etc but one party should not be left feeling like they are being taken advantage of when they look at the ‘rate of return’ in the relationship. And while at it investing in your relationship, don’t forget to invest in yourself.

Someone told me that relationships can be like farts. Yes, farts. Here now and then gone leaving a bad you know what, yeah, pungent smell.

Relationships are like computers. Takes time to boot and then sometimes, you just have to keep restarting it because it is either too overloaded, or too slow to get all the commands you are giving it. Then the good part, or bad one depending on how you look at it, is if the computer just won’t give you what you need even after taking it to IT and all s/he tells you is to “restart it”, then you know it is probably time to upgrade.

Relationships (some relationships) are like a good meal, prepared meticulously and served with style and class. You take one course and can’t wait to see what the next course holds. Of course, the opposite is true, that sometimes, as soon as you get the appetizer, you do not want to know what the next serving will be! And if you serve through to dessert for failure of an exit strategy, you need detox many days after that or you may even to see a specialist L.

Relationships are like a job. Actually they are a job. What I mean in this case is that sometimes, you apply for a new job looking for better prospects and sure, you get a new posting and it can either feel like an anti-climax (because it has the same challenges or hiccups and same annoying workmates) or it takes you to the next level, giving you exactly what you are looking for even if you have to work hard to maintain it and show your worth.

What do you think relationships are like?

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By Joyce


15 thoughts on “Relationships are like….

  1. Yes fresh and timeless….i like that
    I think relationships are like a job interview. The fact that you failed in one does not mean you are not qualified! Now i need to preach this to me and every Eve (and even Adam out there).
    Good read !

  2. welcome back P44…relationships can also be like cars. when new, the ride is smooth and enjoyable. if not taken care of, and it starts breaking down on the road, you get so frustrated with the stalling and this calls for immediate disposal. my cents 🙂

    • yeah,that newness of the car comes with a lot excitement and a lot of stuff to discover…until it starts breaking down and you have to learn how to ‘shtua’ it hahhaah

  3. @OtienoHongo, long time! Good to have you back! Fresh and timeless is what that music is.
    @Bezingo, very true.
    @Danas, good to be back. When the ride is new, it’s all ‘nimbus’ as we call it on 44 and as the car gets old, we just hope things don’t depreciate!
    @Famooz, hahaha re shtua…that sounds like it’s from experience

  4. Great analogies and a great read as always, Joyce. Relationships can be like a statue. Sometimes you want to demolish it and start afresh, but you find yourself rebuilding and restoring it. Er, I don’t know if that makes sense at all. 😀

  5. I liked the fart and computer analogies there… 😀 for me relationships are like a seed the people getting in are the farmers; if the seed germinates and grows, then someday it could bear fruit or give the much needed wood, shade or any of the other things trees give, but then again if the the seedling becomes stunted, it is time to cut it down and plan a better breed of a seed… After all stunted trees wont bear fruits!

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