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I left the village and all ‘accostation’ thereof. We took a one month break because Joyce was very busy, hehehe, OK – kidding! Let’s say we took a month off, slaved slightly at Alex’s blog and now we have been back for 2 weeks and I still feel like my brain has been formatted. As such, I am not sure what to blog about today but hope you can survive through my musings. Random, very random stuff.

On this day, I am on my way to Nairobi in a matatu and there was a guy sitting next to me who I could tell was not from my ushago (village) at all. He was ‘big-boned’, like he had swallowed something, but kind of good looking. After spending time looking for an ice breaker (you know you can tell when some wants to make conversation), he finally says, “these seats are so hard”. Hehehe – yes, I hear that and wonder whether seats in matatus come with style and comfort. Brilliant ice breaker I tell you! He then looks at the newspaper I am reading and says “this guy is messed up” – he was referring to the story of a member of the Kenyan Parliament who was embroiled in a saga involving the death of a certain university student. He picks up the thread of partying in that saga and goes on to tell me about clubbing joints in Westlands. These are wrong stories for me because I don’t give a hoot about clubbing. As I listen to him, I start to get exhausted (as exhausted as I get watching the current maneuvers in the Kenyan political arena). So I try to go back to my paper but he would not let me! You know those people who just talk regardless of whether you are listening or not? Fortunately, the journey comes to an end, and then he decides that since he has talked to me for an hour (on and off), about stories that I was least interested in, he now has the rights to have my cell phone number :). Of course I did not give him my number because he did not give me reason to. This got me thinking (and I am not saying he was flirting or anything) but if Adam wants to talk to Eve, the golden rule is to just break the ice immediately and watch for non-verbal communication. If she does not listen to you (if you are keen you will know), do not force and do not ask for her number because she will not give you.

On this other day, I am in totally different continent – nothing like what I am used to. No cows, no chicken and certainly no goats (I miss my goats ;)). After what seems like a travel adventure I was not keen on, I finally arrive at my hotel. It was Sunday so the reception was closed – and everything was in French. It took the help of two men from Togo to help me decipher the codes and get the key to my room. They were my angels that day! These guys were actually very gracious; they helped me with my suitcases (my employer does not believe in sending taxis – call it being frugal) and this got me thinking that people should make effort to learn a foreign language-at least the basics. If you have an opportunity to learn a foreign language, by all means, please do. If you feel that your brain has frozen and hence can’t, then encourage those around you to do so – send your kids, nephews and nieces, etc to foreign language classes. By the way, all this stuff that parents are making kids do, cramming stuff in the name of attaining straight A’s so that they can go to national schools and that you-are-nothing-without-these-grades doctrine really gets my goat. How about kids get the opportunity to learn and explore new things, new hobbies and yes, new languages?

Whilst I was still in this city, I got news that ‘cuddle lover’ (my goat back in the village) was on heat. For all the months I was home, this goat did not show any heat signs – I would have looked for a billy goat ASAP! This news brought so much joy to my heart ….like….like  I don’t know…like I had delivered a small ka-Fridah. Hehhehehe. So I was frantic, trying to tell my younger brother to find a billy goat .Now, I have to say that I am no fun of pets (yeah these goats are pets to me, seeing that our cats won’t come even 30 centimeters near human beings and my mum would not let me have a dog that lounges on the couch) but somehow, I got these goats and bonded with them. Now I know why they tell you to get a pet if you want to know if you can take care of another person (read Eve or Adam). See, I would be in the living room, watching my favorite local soap (‘Lies That Bind’) and they would be out there making noise because it was too late and they were still tethered :(. I would have to run out, get them into the shed and by the time I got back, the well-acted scene would be gone! What did I learn from all this? True, get a pet and see how they kind of soften you up and yes, you will know if there is room for another soul in your heart. I think to some extent, they are like kids, only without diapers (thank heaven!)

So still in this foreign city, I am at the head office and I have to visit a certain department because they needed to give me some gadget that I need for the field. During this visit, I meet this very good looking guy and his workmate (who is not so cute hehehhe) and we talk a bit. Adam has these nice ‘piercing’ eyes and attractive physique – I think this is what Joyce refers to as ‘gait’ (in general terms). He seems impressed by this lass (yes, me!), asks me what I will doing for the weekend and invites me for coffee. I could tell guy was my junior – age-wise – and I wonder if the cougar in me must have gone into a deep sleep. In the end, we did not meet up but I saw an opportunity. What did I learn from all this? Well, the old adage that “there are opportunities everywhere” only if you are willing and open to make it happen; note – willing is the key word here. Later on, I took a walk with one of the men from Togo as he showed me around the city and I thanked him for his kindness. He seemed keen on making some dinner plans, offered to make me a meal but I was not keen on it. This experience has compelled me to think that the myth that there are no men to hang out with should die. I mean, I was in a new city and I got people to talk to and hang out with if I wanted to. So next time you go to a new place, just enjoy and explore it! Who knows?!

Now, the downside to all this (and a real downer at that) was that I was hoping I would bump into that French tennis player who oozes youth (is the cougar awake? heheheh) and confidence, with just the right height, well-built body and a veracious forehand. Yes, this would be none other than the one and only Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Tsonga, Oh Tsonga! Have you guys seen how he roars on the tennis court? Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, you handsome lad, the streets were bare without you!

Now, in a completely different location and end of the world, I am in a compound where 98% of the residents are Adams. Being away from home can be tough; but then being away from home and being somewhere ‘locked up’ with only men should fall under “unacceptable living conditions”. This is the feeling I got when I arrived in this particular compound. All these Adams walking around and then from nowhere two Eves arrive! I know what I saw – men addressed me looking at my ‘ASSets’ and not ‘me’ (hey, I am way up here!!). At dinner, one Adam came up to me and started being tactless, telling me how the compound is full of men and he can tell that I am from Kenya because of my “pretty structure” (‘ASSets’ have a way of causing ‘COMMOTION’ I tell you!) and then decides to cross the line – just plainly saying he wanted to get laid. I felt like I was in a den of tigers – talk of excessive ‘tigritude’ aimed at the wrong direction! There was way too much testosterone in that compound!I guess it is good for me to announce that I came out unscathed and I promise a ‘proper’ post next time ! 🙂

Have a good week!

By Fridah


9 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. very random stuff here Fridah but i love this post! especially that pic of tsonga….daaaaamn! if only there was a chance for you to hyphenate your last name with his – you just need to cause him some commotion

  2. I am from Kenya because of my “pretty structure” (‘ASSets’ have a way of causing ‘COMMOTION’ I tell you!) and then decides to cross the line – just plainly saying he wanted to get laid……*CRINGE*

    • @ mimi,that is what i call ‘creation’ Hope you notice the six pack and no,it is not on bone !! I rest……
      @ nowavailable* ,i know re: CRINGE 😦

  3. I like the well written mixed diary of the village, goats, matatus,,Togo, French, Tsonga, ASSets et al 🙂 Am sure I have said it before – have you tried your hand at writing a novel? 🙂

  4. Haha, random musings indeed. Great read, gave me a good laughter medicine. As for the Adam in the mat, well, his peers may have told him that Eves may build a great wall, but he shouldn’t give up getting a number. ASSets causing commotion? Like you didn’t know, globetrotter! Haha.

  5. Random musings, my foot.

    This is a blog about relationships.

    Nothing on relationship(ing) here. Just the selfish musings of a pretty and smart lady. He did not call? I mean the one who makes your heart go falagasha that is? He did not accompany you? He did not send you a get back soon card?

    You prefer your mburi to him such that when you are away from him, well it is out of sight out of mind?

    You are either in a relationship, aspire to be in one and therefore seeking advice or whining on the lack thereof or are simply not into relationships like Mahe Goat.

    To write in a whole post about random musing and not mention, even in passing, your significant other is simply a no, no on this site. Or am I in the wrong site?

    Dwell on it.

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