First off, a happy new year to you and welcome (back) to our blog! We hope that you had a merry festive season and that is all is well with you and yours.

Great things happened in the year past and one of those great things that happened was the re-election of Mr. Obama for a second term as the President of the United States. Now, it is impossible for anyone to marvel at the triumph, success and accomplishments of this U.S. president without taking in the obvious that seems to surround this man and leader – his wife, their relationship and marriage. This is a union that has exemplified the audaciousness of hope and shown us in bold colors what a strong and stable marriage can be. Now, there is a lot that has been said about the (perceived) public relations element of ‘the perfect picture’ presented by the Obama camp for seemingly political reasons – but the plain truth is that, it is hard to dismiss the smiles, gazes and the holding of hands that we see of the couple as anything but genuine. In fact, I would call them genuinely infectious and for me, this is one beacon of hope that I carry forward into 2013.

At the start of each year, we are presented with new opportunities for dreaming, for new outlooks, for setting new goals and for possibilities of making achievements. It is indeed, a time for reflection, sometimes to look back at what has been, take stock, see where we can make changes and where we can right some wrongs.

For those of us who are in committed relationships or are married, we can look towards making those relationships better than they were in the year past. No one has a perfect relationship – not even the ‘first couple’ – and as we look back to what has been, there is always room for improvement. More importantly, we should not forget to be grateful for what we have (unless you are dealing with breadcrumbs), because it is in the same vein and lens of gratitude that we can see the opportunities for making our unions better. If you already have a perfect relationship, then we wish you all the best as you wait to ascend to the next state of being – hehehe, just kidding!

For those just starting out on their relationships, you will need to build on your reserves for patience, understanding, respect and most importantly wisdom. This phase normally is and should be just exciting – you take time to enjoy the experiences without thinking (OK, dwelling too much) on the end product. That said, the journey through finding and building on love can be a blurred one, not because you forgot your 3D lenses in your past but because the prospects of new love, new relations and even the wafting possibilities of new unions sometimes throw sense and sensibility out of the window, if only momentarily.

On the converse, for the rest of us (the greater majority?) who are still out there in the maze, searching or waiting or praying for a significant either, well, this is where we are called upon to take on the slogan for Obama’s campaign for his re-election – ‘Forward!’ The exclamation mark says it all – it gives no space for dithering or shilly-shallying – we must forge ahead with life. As we do this, the call is for all us to look around us and grasp onto every bit and beacon of hope that we can in the search; the call is for us is to recognize that although we may have come across all sorts of weather elements, weather men and weather women in the days gone and probably experienced a significant amount of fog, all is not lost and that so long as there is a new dawn, there is always the prospect that we can find that Eve and Adam to share life with. It is as simple and yet, just as complicated, as that.

You might be surprised to see what happens when you choose to hope over despair, ‘Forward!’ over ‘looking back at what could have been’ and above all else, believe in the sheer depth of strength within you to forge ahead. Here’s to living 2013 with hope, lots of it!

By Project 44

“A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.” Stendhal


9 thoughts on “Forward!

    • Judy who? Project44, are congratulations in order here?

      A happy new year to the wonderful tag-team. I am in the category that is praying and I have a feeling that this is the year, for me and for you.

  1. Best wishes in the new year for you all and welcome back.

    Is the Obamas’ relationship the dream one for us all?

    What about the weathermen(women) among us? The rolling Stones? The lone wolves? The Gay even?

    The Obamas’ is too clean. Too sanitized. I always have this sneaky feeling that it is too good to be true. I prefer the Clintons’. Fireworks, war and makeup. That is more like it. Never a dull moment.

    But then again, that is just me.

    • Hahahah! You forgot to mention the tumbleweed!

      I think that the Clintons can be another beacon of hope, still together after going through ‘fireworks, war and makeup’ – a sign that despite all the ups and downs of a union, a couple can still head off into the sunset years together.

  2. Happy new year P44. Forward we much.And more on Obama,make an effort to read his ‘The Audacity of Hope.’ The ending chapters present such a neat story of a well knit family others need to look out for and probably borrow a thing or two.
    All the best for the new year.

  3. Happy new year people. May good tidings be upon those who desire to have them. This is one tough year for me but hope is what I have inside.

  4. I like this title . Forward !

    “A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.” Stendhal – I have ran with it !

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