The Story of Love

Some say they walked into love

Others say it crept in on them

Catching them completely off guard

Some believe it fought its way into their   hearts

What is your story of love?



My friend says she stumbled and fell into it

My sister voluntarily jumped into it

My brother grew into it

While my grandmother?

She found herself in it

What is your story of love?


Similar strands bind the stories together,

…the smile when they narrate their story

The dreamy look in their eyes

The confidence in their voices that say “I have found the real deal”

This is the love story!


Amazing how the clouds fade and everything looks more beautiful

How everything smells much better and   even tastes sweeter

All over Sudden we notice the colors dancing around us, there is a rainbow in the cloud!

We take note of the smiles of kind neighbors, even their annoying dog

Suddenly looks better

We notice the children playing cheerfully   on the streets, and their noise sounds beautiful!

This is the love story!


The songs sound clearer the loads become lighter

The grass seems greener and prettier and we notice the flowers on the paths

The raindrops tenderly kiss our skin as listen to the whispers in the wind

The head stands higher, the eyes shine brighter

There is Laughter in our voice and smiles linger on Body, soul and spirit, unite in perfect harmony


When you have a story about love

Whether you fall or grow in love

Whether it creeps in you simply find yourself in it

Hold on to it, celebrate it and write your story of love!


By Linet Kanana: The Poet




2 thoughts on “The Story of Love

  1. So beautiful.
    So beautiful.
    So beautiful.

    May love, so beautiful,
    Grace all that visit,
    This world of Adam and Eve.

  2. Hey Linet, a poetry enthusiast here. Whenever i stumble onto a piece of poetry, i always cringe as i read along the lines,shake a little,then collect. Yours is no exception,and nothing drives it home better than a poem. Whereas prose,stories feed the mind and other areas less, poems capture your entire self; mind,soul,heart…bones(hence the shaking) and tends to speak a language all body parts can hearken to. Enough said. Beautiful and timely this is- given thursday is just around the corner. Wonderful.

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