About Project 44

The blog is run by two Eves.  Some people write about the politics of the day, others about the price of fuel, the role of government in delivering services to its citizens, etc. We write about relationships.

Why Project 44? This idea was conceived in the 44th week of the year 2009 by JMM and FKK. As friends, we talk career, aspirations, challenges and yes, relationships! When two ladies are good friends, they are likely to once in a while (once in a while?) drift to explore the dynamics that shape the relationships between men and women. We laugh about the folly of some of the ‘episodes’ that could make Latin American soap operas ‘drama-dim’ in comparison – we’ve had our share of experiences.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion; however, this is NOT a sexist, bashing forum for either Eves or Adams; it is not for angry persons (you are allowed to be upset). Hopefully, we can find humor in the ‘stories’ as we all explore the highs and lows, the nooks and crannies of relationships.

Have your say!

Fridah and Joyce

Email us at admin@project44eveandadam.com


17 thoughts on “About Project 44

  1. What I love about what you are doing with this blog is showing that relationships do work, and are not dysfunctional. I’m a firm believer of great relationships and I believe that if we no longer have great relationships, then world will be as good as over. But as long as the world doesnt end, the great r/ships will be having a place in us. Great articles you have. I like your style as well, simple but exciting.

  2. Thanks for stumbling upon my blog! And just so you’re aware, I’m writing this comment with my thumbs. Haha.
    Your blog offers a very friendly approach to tackling the baffling questions surrounding dating and relationships. A great read!

  3. Good to have bloggers who believe that there are great relationships out there. To be honest, at times I get tired of all the gloom and relationship bashing, especially marriages. Your blog is fresh air as far as writing about relationships are concerned. And you too have such a wonderful and easy style. Great to have you on the blogosphere. Hopefully you will get a few ‘Adam’ points of view in here as well. Now off to read back posts!

  4. You have restored sanity in relationships for sure at a time when there is lots of skepticism in marriage and relationships. Keep up the great work and bring on board ‘Adam’ for us to identify with him too.

  5. Decided to take a stroll here after my gal turned into a hurricane and threw me off the cliff.I just dont know what Eves want so allow my candid trespass here.You may help cure my broken heart and soul.That sissy moment aside,can you guys invite an Adam here to exorcise his demons? Will gladly pen my love frustrations with gusto!

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